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New CoCo goodies in development.

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CoCo Clones Quick Reference

TRS-80/Tandy Color Computer 3 Clones by Roger Taylor The most CPU-accurate and GIME-faithful clones available! Virtal floppy disks and hard drives via CyloneSDC/WD1793 FDC hybrid controller Up to 2MB CoCo…

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MiST CoCo 3 Clone In Development

In addition to my popular Matchbox CoCo 3 and Mr (MiSTer) CoCo 3 clones, I’ve accepted the offer to port my CoCo 3 core to the MiST system. To follow…

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Cyclone CoCo Programmers Reference

Please check this document frequently for possible changes before releasing your work that depends on the Matchbox. Some additions to the GIME Chip 1MB MMU Rate Control Register overrides SAM,…