CoCo IDE Bundle

The winter months are my favorite time for CoCo programming.  Sometimes I decide that this winter I’m going to crank out a nice game or app and I want to have it done by Christmas so I can share it with the gang.  There’s always been something about Christmas and the CoCo, right?

In the old days of EDTASM and floppy disk crashes I would fight to get something simple done and sometimes get discouraged and move to another project.  Those days were over the minute I started using 6809 IDEs and emulators.  The ability to develop 100% compatible CoCo software from a PC and test it using an emulator or send it directly to the CoCo for testing is luxury for anybody doing serious development.  Why work hard when you can work smart?

If you’re going to get serious about your idea, why not stock the toolbox with serious tools and get busy?  And since every serious programmer needs all the IDEs and development tools they can get… I’m sure you’d love to own all 3 CoCo IDEs that I’ve written and used for my own personal projects.  Yes, these are the tools I’ve used to crank out awesome CoCo software in record-breaking time.

Visit each IDE page for details.

Phoenix IDE$59.00
Rainbow IDE$39.00
Portal-9 IDE$29.00

Get all 3 IDEs for the single price of $59

I will contact you through your PayPal e-mail address after your purchase and e-mail the installers or any support files you need, and your product keys! Please note that if the activation fails in Windows 10 all you have to do is e-mail me and let me know and I’ll send your key back, or wait on me to send the Thank You e-mail and then reply to it to talk to me directly.

The powerful 6809/6309 CCASM cross assembler is included with each IDE.

Your purchase comes with all the free support personally from me for any questions or ideas you might have.  Just PM or e-mail me and chat away.

Thank you for your support,

Roger Taylor






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