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How to get VGA for the CoCo 3

An illustrated review of Luis Antoniosi’s RGB2VGA converter This is a personal review of the RGB2VGA video converter designed by Luis Antoniosi. First, let me say that it is high…

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Projector-3’s Framework

As the developer of the Projector-3 graphics viewer one thing I had to consider was the constant requests for features from the CoCo audience. I also wanted to make it…

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Co Co Co! Merry Christmas!

Get into the Christmas spirit this year with the CoCo Christmas DVD (or CD). Enjoy tons of CoCo Christmas software including some brand new software shown below by Roger Taylor….

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The NitrOS-9 Boot Process Explained

The NitrOS-9 boot process involves 2 binary lumps. The first is named (in the makefile target) KERNELFILE_xxx and the second is named BOOTFILE_yyy – where xxx and yyy identify variants…