CoCo Clones Quick Reference

TRS-80/Tandy Color Computer 3 Clones by Roger Taylor

  • The most CPU-accurate and GIME-faithful clones available!
  • Virtal floppy disks and hard drives via CyloneSDC/WD1793 FDC hybrid controller
  • Up to 2MB CoCo RAM with FPGA boards that have an SDRAM chip
  • Up to 128KB program paks with FPGA boards that have an SDRAM chip
  • Analog joystick and controller support
  • Auto-sensing Tandy Hi-Res adapter and CoCoMax III adapter
  • Orchestra-90CC (stereo 8-bit DAC sound)
  • AY-3 sound chip (3-voice synthesizer, stereo)
  • MIDI Pak + synthesizer (4-voice, stereo)
  • Cassette deck support
  • CPU speeds up to 7.16Mhz
  • Turbo mode boosts CPU when memory bus isn’t needed

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Matchbox CoCo (no OSD)

MiSTer CoCo (OSD-driven)

MiST CoCo (OSD-driven)

Sidi CoCo (OSD-driven MiST compatible)


Author: Roger Taylor