Tandy Joysticks for the DE0-Nano

The NanoLog daughter board is a daughter board for the bottom of the DE0-Nano to allow the use of regular or Deluxe CoCo joysticks on the MATCHBOX COCO.

There are 2 CoCo joystick ports, 3 audio channels, and 1 user header for a total of 8 ADC inputs.

This 2-layer board can be ordered from the OSH Park web site soon for about $44.30 for 3 boards ($14.77 each). The components to fully assemble the board can cost from around $4 up to $18 depending on where you buy the DIN jacks.  All parts are available from Digi-Key.

The header, joystick, and A / V jacks are through-hole mounted, while the resistors are surface-mount.

rendering by Mike Craig

Summary of the features:

  • 2 CoCo joystick ports (6-pin, 2-buttons)
  • A / V jack for 3-channel ADC.
  • User ADC header

How to get a Nanolog board

Building one yourself? Order the bare NanoLog rev.3 daughter board from OSH Park (sold in 3’s)

A summary of the board components:

  • (1) – 2×13 female header
  • (2) – 6-pin DIN jack
  • (4) – 10 Kohm 1206 SMT resistor
  • (1) – stereo audio jack
  • (1) – optional 90-degree 2-pin male header.  Rotate inwards away from board edge!

DIGI-KEY Preloaded Shopping Carts for the components that go on a bare NanoLog board:

Why would you need the parts for *3* NanoLog boards? Because the NanoLog PCB supplier (OSH Park) only sells in multiples of 3 boards, and it is cost effective to do the same for the components and send kits or fully assembled units to other people.


Author: Roger Taylor