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How To Build A MiST CoCo

How To Build A MiST CoCo Get the CoCo 3 core for your MiST-compatible device There are several MiST-compatible boards/kits.  Each has one its pros and cons, but in general…

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RealCoCo Quick Reference

TRS-80/Tandy Color Computer 3 FPGA Clones by Roger Taylor Custom GIME implementation designed from the ground up The most accurate CoCo clones available Virtal floppy disks and hard drives via…

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How to Build a Matchbox CoCo

The Matchbox CoCo is a Do It Yourself CoCo 3 clone that may or may not be offered by third parties fully assembled or by snap-together components.  This is not…

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How to Build a MiSTer CoCo

The Mr CoCo is a Tandy Color Computer 3 clone that runs on the MiSTer system. CoCo Clones Quick Reference Using just one file copied to the MicroSD card on…

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Tandy Joysticks for the DE0-Nano

The NanoLog daughter board is a daughter board for the bottom of the DE0-Nano to allow the use of regular or Deluxe CoCo joysticks on the MATCHBOX COCO. There are…

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NanoMate Board for the DE0-Nano

For the Matchbox CoCo, the CoCo’s logic completely resides on the DE0-Nano board.  Realistically jumpers can be strung from the DE0-Nano headers to give the system the things it needs…

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How to get VGA for the CoCo 3

An illustrated review of Luis Antoniosi’s RGB2VGA converter This is a personal review of the RGB2VGA video converter designed by Luis Antoniosi. First, let me say that it is high…

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CoCo 3 GIME Chip Reference

CoCo 3 GIME Chip Reference Edited from John Kowalski’s original web page “Sock Master’s GIME register reference” People keep looking for GIME information, but it seems that there is no…

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Allen Huffman

Allen Huffman has been a long-time CoCo user, fan, developer, and personality. Allen has been known to frequent the “Last Annual” Chicago CoCoFEST annually and sport his wares from Sub-Etha…