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Nickolas Marentes

My interest in programming games began with the purchase of my first computer back in 1980, a Tandy TRS-80 Model 1. In 1984, I moved on to the Tandy Color Computer 2 and…

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Mystery 256 Color Mode?

See the original full article by Nickolas Marentes. There have been rumours of a secret 256 color mode hidden within the GIME chip architecture of the Tandy Color Computer 3….

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John Kowalski (Sock Master)

John Kowalski is a well-known expert with the TRS-80/Tandy Color Computer with some of the most impressive graphics demos to ever be created in this community. He’s taken people up…

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Roger Taylor

Roger may be known for his past CoCo jewels such as The Projector, Projector-3, The Rainbow IDE, Portal-9 IDE, CCASM 6809 cross assembler, Phoenix IDE, Jeweled, and has spent every…