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RealCoCo Programmers Reference

This page describes candidate Registers and features for the RealCoCo brand of CoCo 3 clones for the Matchbox, MiSTer, MiST, SiDi, and more FPGA devices. Please check this document frequently…

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Tandy CoCo Floppy Disk Controller Schematic

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Roger Taylor

Known for his (my) CoCo projects such as The Projector, Projector-3, The Rainbow IDE, Portal-9 IDE, Phoenix IDE, CCASM 6809 cross assembler, Jeweled, and recently the FPGA-based CoCo 3 clones…

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Evolution of the CoCo Virtual Drive System

  MicroSD Drive Pak Earliest all-in-one self-contained virtual drive system Uses a 16K smart ROM that detects and employs numerous simultaneous drive systems CoCoNet over 6551 ACIA 115200 bps alternative…