Month: January 2020

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How Small Can A CoCo Get?

One of my new sayings is “You want me to turn that into a CoCo?”.  Yes, I’ve got my eye out for the next coolest FPGA-based device.  I think the…

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MiST CoCo 3 Clone In Development

In addition to my popular Matchbox CoCo 3 and Mr (MiSTer) CoCo 3 clones, I’ve accepted the offer to port my CoCo 3 core to the MiST system. To follow…

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How to Build a Matchbox CoCo

The Matchbox CoCo is a Do It Yourself CoCo 3 clone that may or may not be offered by third parties fully assembled or by snap-together components.  This is not…

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How to Build a MiSTer CoCo

The Mr CoCo is a Tandy Color Computer 3 clone that runs on the MiSTer system. CoCo Clones Quick Reference Using just one file copied to the MicroSD card on…