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Who’s who in the CoCo developers community? These people have made their mark or could be on their way to joining the long list of recognizable contributors.

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CoCo 3 GIME Chip Reference

CoCo 3 GIME Chip Reference Edited from John Kowalski’s original web page “Sock Master’s GIME register reference” People keep looking for GIME information, but it seems that there is no…

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Allen Huffman

Allen Huffman has been a long-time CoCo user, fan, developer, and personality. Allen has been known to frequent the “Last Annual” Chicago CoCoFEST annually and sport his wares from Sub-Etha…

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Roger Taylor

Known for his (my) CoCo projects such as The Projector, Projector-3, The Rainbow IDE, Portal-9 IDE, Phoenix IDE, CCASM 6809 cross assembler, Jeweled, and recently the FPGA-based CoCo 3 clones…

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Luis (Felipe) Antoniosi

Luis Antoniosi just thrust the entire CoCo community into the modern computer world by giving the CoCo 3 a way to use a VGA monitor! Luis has been working on…