Month: April 2016

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CoCoTape – CLOAD programs stored on your PC

Did you buy CoCo 1, 2, or 3 from ebay and now can’t figure out how to load programs on it?  Don’t have a cassette deck, no cassette tape programs,…

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Usage: imgtool.exe create <format> <imagename> imgtool.exe dir <format> <imagename> [path] imgtool.exe get <format> <imagename> <filename> [newname] [–filter=filter] [–fork=fork] imgtool.exe put <format> <imagename> <filename>… <destname> [–(fileoption)==value] [–filter=filter] [–fork=fork] imgtool.exe getall <format>…

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Building custom ROM images with the CCASM assembler and Phoenix IDE

No much of any documentation has been produced for the Phoenix IDE.  One might find it hard to figure out how to set up the toolbox to use external commands…