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TRS-80 Color Computer clones

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How to Build a MiSTer CoCo

The Mr CoCo is a Tandy Color Computer 3 clone that runs on the MiSTer system. CoCo Clones Quick Reference Using just one file copied to the MicroSD card on…

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Tandy Joysticks for the DE0-Nano

The NanoLog daughter board is a daughter board for the bottom of the DE0-Nano to allow the use of regular or Deluxe CoCo joysticks on the MATCHBOX COCO. There are…

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NanoMate Board for the DE0-Nano

For the Matchbox CoCo, the CoCo’s logic completely resides on the DE0-Nano board.  Realistically jumpers can be strung from the DE0-Nano headers to give the system the things it needs…

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RealCoCo Programmers Reference

This page describes candidate Registers and features for the RealCoCo brand of CoCo 3 clones for the Matchbox, MiSTer, MiST, SiDi, and more FPGA devices. Please check this document frequently…