ROM Pak Model



It’s my belief that CoCo ROM Paks will always be a hot seller if the software or game is worthy. Of course you’d want to put your masterpiece in a professional looking case.

Merchants License

Buys you the rights to the source files, rights to edit, and rights to produce or sell cases with no restrictions.  Source files or rendered model cannot be posted online or given to anyone else.

Offered as a zip file containing at least 20 different 3D editor formats including SolidWorks.

This is what I believe is the best design for a CoCo ROM Pak case.

  • 3D printable using no supports for a clean finish right off the build plate
  • Shells snap together but also has a center screw ensuring a solid lock
  • Contours on the side allow easier insertion and removal in any CoCo or MPI
  • Fits the very old CoCo 1 ROM Pak boards, later mini ROM Pak boards, and numerous other TRS-80/Tandy ROM Pak board styles

Author: Roger Taylor